LittleFrenchNotebook is my blog for keeping all my French learnings in one place. I have been learning French for around 5 months now (as of September 2016) – although I did 5 years in school many moons ago – and even though I try to make sure that what I am learning is correct, you can expect mistakes from time to time.

Hopefully, I can tie together all the things that I pick up from various sources and put them in one place. If you are reading this, then my aim is to make things as simple as possible and to include as many examples as possible. One thing I’ve found is that many French websites just don’t give enough examples, so I’m often left wondering if I actually have the correct understanding and have to make a great effort to clarify certain points. Obviously, I’m also going to have to use a bit of grammar to explain things, because sometimes it’s impossible not to, but I’ll try to make everything as clear as I possibly can when I do.